Swaziland Day 2 & 3 – Project preparation

quad biking devil's cauldron in Swaziland

Quad biking Devil's Cauldron in Swaziland / Photo by Darron Raw - Swazi Trails

The two full days that we had in Swaziland were largely spent in front of the computer or around the kitchen table at Darron and Anita Raw’s house – our whl.travel local connection for Swaziland and a few parts of South Africa.  Much of the work was in finalising pricing, organising appointments, refining some of the paperwork and feeding back on the whole Project: Exposure program so far.

Darron and Anita also own Swazi Trails so we managed to spend one afternoon quad biking on one of the trails that they’ve cut through the trees near the Royal Swazi Spa.  Swazi trails run this activity regularly and I would certainly recommend it, the track has three levels of difficulty and can be challenging for even the most competent rider.

One evening was spent having dinner at Malandela’s, adjacent to house-on-fire which has an ongoing performance program throughout the year and is the venue for the Bush Fire Festival in May.  The festival will have music, a global food fair, a fair Trade Market, story-telling, poetry, theatre and fun for all ages.

This complex is also home to the fantastic Gone Rural workshop.