High-Tech or Low-Tech?

There’s a balance to be struck between taking too many and too few techy gadgets on an expedition. I’m a bit schizophrenic in this area. I’d like to say I’m a natural Luddite – last year I hitched home from Armenia with only a knife, phone and poncho – but I also greatly value the usefulness of certain technologies.

Some of Tom Allen's Cycling kit

Some of my cycling kit / Photo by Tom Allen

But some technologies become nothing but a fad, or – worse – create more problems than they solve. Complicated computer systems in small libraries. GPS navigation units which send drivers merrily trundling into rivers, despite warning signs and the presence of bridges. Fashion accessories, which also happen to play music; several times the price of equivalents from companies other than Apple. Phones for which 99% of the functionality has nothing to do with the act of making a call. What was wrong with those little pink library cards anyway?

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